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11 min. reading

The companies that discover changes and possibilities within the project management methods first and make use of them will be considered to be prime movers and often more successful than those who adapt late.

OMG! Agile Project Dashboard 🚀

21 min. reading

It is well known that a project manager without a solid toolbox is like a soldier without a rifle – seemingly the same thing, but on the battlefield, he won’t do the job.

What is
project portfolio management?

3 min. reading

Project portfolio management is the selection, prioritisation and control of an organisation’s projects and programs in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver. And so what?

Do you really need
project portfolio management?

5 min. reading

If your projects still somehow strangely fail to deliver business value, you’d better read this.

How to Screw Up The Right Projects Selection Without IRACIS

11 min. reading

IRACIS is a great tool used to assess the set of business values in the project. This model allows the assessment of tangible and intangible values of both the customer and supplier.

How to measure business value
of the project

16 min. reading

The market value of S&P 500 companies shows a significant advantage of intangible values over tangible values in company valuation. This ratio has been constantly increasing since 1975.  This article describes how to measure in your project both tangible and intangible values.

Business Value in Project Management Explained

22 min. reading

Enterprises that first see the changes and opportunities associated with the value system and are able to use it are perceived as leaders and are often more successful than those who are just adapting to the new situation.

How to Easily Make Complex Decisions

5 min. reading

Analytic Hierarchy Process is a multicriteria decision-making model. Using AHP for fact-based decision making leads to better choices not only during project portfolio composition but also in all complex or emotionally/politically burden decisions.

Holy Grail of the Business

15 min. reading

Customers do not pay anymore for products or services. They pay for the value they expect to receive thanks to products or services. Check why else the value is a key for the business.

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